We create critically acclaimed entertainment for Hollywood studios like Walt Disney Pictures, as well as for international institutions like two-time Oscar winning Moriah Films of the Museum of Tolerance.

We work in all media, from theatrically released feature films, to streaming documentaries and shorts on YouTube.

We deliver impactful films for great causes.


Women of Iran

For two-time Oscar winning Moriah Films, we create short films that promote the Museum of Tolerance's mission: supporting people who challenge injustice.  One of these films, WOMEN OF IRAN, had over 160,000 instagram plays, was reposted by multiple accounts and went viral. As a result, the film was invited to be screened at the United Nations in the Fall of 2023.

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We wrote this original feature film franchise for a co-production between Walt Disney Pictures and the Chinese government.

“EMPEROR” required us to carefully learn and understand Chinese culture in order to create the film's original mythology and fantasy world.

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Voices of Iraq

We produced the ground breaking VOICES OF IRAQ feature length documentary film by sending 150 cameras to Iraq for the Iraqi people to film with. The film was shown in US and international cinemas, plus screened at prestigious film festivals around the world. Word of the film’s core message was widely spread by the news media and received broad critical acclaim.

“If this film cannot claim to represent the political truth about the war – what film could?” -New York Times

"An authentic work that dares to let the subject speak for itself” -Wall Street Journal

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MTV Fear

We created the supernatural reality genre of television with by creating FEAR for MTV. The show spun off TV specials and recently became a series of original books for young adults.

The show inspired movies and tv shows for twenty years, and recently sparked a Tiktok trend of influencers filming themselves doing ghost explorations.

"MTV Fear portrayed genuine terror on television and helped give rise to a legion of ghost-hunting series that are now some of the most popular reality shows on television." -Looper

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3000 Miles to Graceland

For Warner Brothers and Morgan Creek Pictures, we produced an action-packed dark comedy movie starring Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell, Courteney Cox, and Christian Slater. The film was shot in Las Vegas and Canada.

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Campfire Tales

We wrote, produced, directed the cult classic feature film CAMPFIRE TALES, a film that started the careers of actors James Marsden, Amy Smart, Ron Livingston and Christine Taylor. The film's innovative twist ending and unique framing device has been copied by many films.

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Feature Films



Feature Films





Based in LA, Paris & Zurich

Since 1997



Based in LA, Paris & Zurich

Since 1997



DOCUMENTARY SHORTS - Museum of Tolerance, Moriah Films

MAGIC KNIGHT - Walt Disney Pictures

EMPEROR - Walt Disney Pictures


RIPPER - Panasonic, Direct TV



MIRACLE CHASERS - Columbia Tristar


VOICES OF IRAQ - Magnolia Pictures

THE MAYOR - Columbia Tristar

CHiPS - Warner Brothers


CATCH - CBS Studios

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE - Universal Studios

HRT - CBS, Columbia Tristar

MTV Fear - VIacom

3000 Miles to Graceland - Warner Brothers

HINDENBURG - 20 Century Fox


CAMPFIRE TALES - New Line Cinema


Martin directed feature films, created reality shows, made feature documentaries, dramatic TV, and independent films. Along with making the projects listed in the filmography above, he created and directed many additional innovative films. The Director's Guild of America showcased his music video, ALL I EVER WANTED, as an example of cutting-edge  film making, while Panasonic showcased the web pilot he directed, WaterSigns, at the National Association of Broadcaster's convention. For Panasonic and DirectTV, he directed an experimental 3D film. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America and Writers Guild of America. And a graduate of New York University's School of Film.

In recent years, he fell in love with the art of photography by shooting campaigns and editorials for an international clientele. His prints were shown in New York galleries. His photography can seen here.

In 2022, he co-founded with his wife a London based fashion imagery production and casting company: Camellian Ltd.

Eric Manes is a feature film and television writer/producer in Los Angeles. He created numerous films and series including "MTV's Fear", in which participants filmed themselves while mastering challenges in the most famously haunted places in the world; feature film 3000 Miles to Graceland starring Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell; and documentary "Voices of Iraq", for which he funneled digital video cameras to hundreds of Iraqis in the midst of war, allowing unparalleled intimacy and direct access to their stories; and two adventure film franchises for a US-China co-production between Walt Disney Pictures and The Shanghai Media Group. Manes wrote action movies for Warner Brothers, Paramount, and Universal Studios, amongst others and created and executive produced pilots for CBS, NBC, ABC, Sony TV, USA Networks. He had a multi year studio deal at Universal.
Eric also co-founded with his wife - Coco Suisse, a Swiss Chocolate specialty manufacturing company and chocolate related teaching and media company which now boasts 14 million views on social media.

Most recently, Eric produced a series of documentary films for the Museum of Tolerance including Women of Iran, selected to be screened at the United Nations.